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Are my financial data safe while using TriacleGST?

TriacleGST is a standalone software that doesn't require the use of any server or internet to function. The files that are selected for processing are not stored or transferred anywhere other than its original file location. The same applies to the output files generated by the software.

What type of businesses are recommended to use TriacleGST?

TriacleGST is designed to work with any type of business run by the client. Though the following types of clients are not recommended to use the software:
- Clients opted for Composition Tax
- Dealing with export supplies
- Clients with Input Service Distributor (ISD)

What are the prerequisites needed for TriacleGST?

TriacleGST uses a lot of Javascript to function, so it is recommended to have a browser that handles them well. We recommend you to install the latest version of Google Chrome for better functionality.

Does TriacleGST come with any paid/premium features or ads?

We don't like to turn your desktop into a billboard and hence there are no ads or paid feature that comes with the software. And no, we don't sell or collect any of your information.

Will the introduction of ANX-1 and ANX-2 render TriacleGST obsolete?

We don't have much insight into what will be the impact of forms GST ANX-1 and ANX-2 make on the GST audits. Currently, these forms are under development and might get the implementation postponed to April 2021 or further. Until then all the GST audits pending for financial years 2017-18 to 2019-20 can be performed using TriacleGST.

How to get notified for software updates?

The software extremely depends upon the data provided by the GST portal, if there is any update to the returns provided by the portal, the core functions of the software won’t perform as they were initially designed. You can get notified for version updates by providing your email id in the contact form above or by dropping a mail to (We guarantee that no spam or promotional emails will be sent)

Whats new in the update and is there any bugs?

Version 1.0.3 - Updated as on 7th February 2021: A few of the features have stopped working. You might have difficulties in combining 2A returns & GSTR 1 returns for FY 20-21. Changelog for 1.0.3: - New columns added to GSTR 2A (Source, IRN and IRN date) Version 1.0.2 - Updated as on 9 December 2020: Changelog for 1.0.2: -Added support for new GSTR 2A formats. -Now partial matches show which cell is mismatched instead of which cells are matched. -Minor performance improvements. -Added more details to User's Guide. -GSTR-3B json reading bugs fixed -You no longer need to change the invoice column to text format. Please email us, if you are facing any issue.

My antivirus detects a malware, is this software safe?

Fix: Make an exclusion in your defender to the folder installation folder in your anti-virus. The process to make an exclusion depends upon your anti-virus (you can google to know how). In windows defender you can just go to Settings > Windows Defender > Exclusions > Add an Exclusion. If you get any warning that it is not safe, please select 'ignore this file' or 'I trust this app' button. Reason for this behavior: Usually, all windows softwares are signed using a certificate, but these EV certifications are expensive. As this software is not accompanied by any certificate, your anti-virus might lock this app. All 3rd party anti-viruses use poor detection standards and broad patterns of code or behavior to recognize a malware and hence they might give you a generic HEU threat that this software is not safe. (This software certified as virus-free by Avast)

How do I use TriacleGST to reconcile my returns?

Follow these steps: 1. Map the column names of your accounts register in the configuation page. 2. Choose the return you want to reconcile (currently supports GSTR 1, 2A and 3B) 3. Select the returns (xlsx or json) and your accounts register. 4. Click Reconcile. That's it!