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Intuitive UI

A user-friendly and compact user interface that makes the entire process seamless and undemanding.

Categorized for Convenience

From perfect matches to clerical mistakes from the accounting department, get all kinds of disputes categorized into different sheets so that you can right away start working with it.


With the help of Configuration, you can set the keys to match it with any bookkeeping software used by the client. 

Margins for


By setting a margin for the amount and tax variances, you can easily ignore minor disagreements in your reconciliation reports.


Instant Reports

Unmatched high performance along with a dynamic algorithm facilitates reports within a matter of seconds. 



The original entries of B2B, B2CS, and B2CL are automatically replaced with the corresponding amended entries before starting the reconciliation process.

Features at a glance

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Do more

TriacleGST enables you to reconcile or combine all your returns effortlessly. Just by dropping in your files, you can reconcile GSTR2A with purchase register, GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 with your sales register.